Hello - my name is Morgan! I am a local to the Sacramento area although I was born and raised in Auburn! I have had a deep love for anything and everything creative ever since I was a little girl. I am a huge nerd for anything books and tv and apart from my photography and videography, I also love drawing and writing in my free time.

Deep down I’m still a child at heart who just really loves stories. Reading them, telling them, documenting them...and with my passion for art and photography I get to do that every day as a photographer and I couldn’t be happier! I document chapter by chapter as you move through the most important milestones of your life and at the end you will be so happy to have such wonderful memories to look back on and to pass down to your children and your children’s children.

My ideal clients are those who aren't afraid to be themselves or let their nerd-flag shine and who are up for one heck-of-a good adventure!

meet morgan

storyteller with a camera

Other than owning a successful photography business (check!), one of my other life-long goals is to become fluent in Japanese! 



My favorite animated movie of all time is How to Train Your Dragon

Toothless is the most adorable thing EVER.


I was on the school’s competitive racquetball team in college!

I was the only girl and got really good really fast playing all the guys!


I learned how to ride a dirt-bike the same year I learned how to ride a bicycle - when I was 4 years old!

My dad even put training wheels on my dirt-bike for me.


Even though I am the eldest of the three siblings, at 5'7" I am also the shortest person in my family...my brother and sister never let me forget it...

My brother is the tallest at 6'2".


I love dressing up – Halloween, Renaissance Faires, photoshoots, fancy parties, you name it!!

That's probably why I love taking photos so much!


I have an undying love for anything Harry Potter!

The only reason I wouldn’t want to get married one day is because I’d have to change my last name...


Fun Facts About Me

 One of my favorite things to do ever since I was a little girl was looking through old family photo albums. I would spend hours with my parents and grandparents wondering about what they were doing in these photos and what it was like to actually be there...it was almost like a little window into the past and I was obsessed.

And now I have grown up, the photo-taking torch having been passed onto me by my Nana, and I have developed both the passion and the eye for capturing these moments myself. My goal is to make sure that every couple, every family and every single person has the opportunity to get their memories documented in one of the most beautiful art forms!

This is not a job I take lightly and rest-assured that your memories will be safe with me!

keeper of memories

Why i take photos

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